Our children deserve the next level of safety


"11-year-old was last seen waiting for her school bus"

Headlines like this seem to be repeated several times every year. Children being the most vulnerable yet the most precious beings in the city, should not have to be in any sort of a security risk. This is the reason we have dedicated our lives to make SkoolSmart a part of every Indian school’s syllabi. The RFID automated system has been designed to track the location and presence of the student right from the time he/ she boards the school bus, enters the school campus and monitors their safety within the school campus till the time they leave the school or get off the school bus to go home. With a host of futuristic features like Smart Live Onboard Video Monitoring , In-School Monitoring and SMS Alerts/App Alerts to parents, we are proud to say that SkoolSmart has become the choice of safety and security systems for some of the best schools in the country.

                                     WHY SKOOLSMART

In this day and age safety and protection for school children is not an option. It’s a necessity. Having said that, it is almost an impossible task to manually ensure the child’s safety through attendance and head counts. We are proud to introduce SkoolSmart, a revolutionary child safety solution that has been adapted by some of the best schools in the country. SkoolSmart is a comprehensive and integrated RFID system that tracks the location of school children right from the time they get on the school bus till the time they get home. It is perhaps the most effective and cost efficient way to ensure that our children stay safe. Let’s stand together and take action for the safety of our children!